High Rise Building

Managing a High-rise Buildings, Commercial complex and public area made easy with GGG, Download our complete solutions we could offer

High Rise Building

Managing a High-rise Buildings, Commercial complex and public area made easy with GGG, Download our complete solutions we could offer

Solution Overview

With a higher demand for safety and security, managing a property complex could be challenging, GGG leverage the use of advanced technology.

Demands of safety and a secure environment are higher now than ever. with advanced technology become more affordable each year, GGG could help to breakdown your needs and propose alternatives to overcome the needs with our expertise.

to improve the management of High rise office complex, or apartments where privacy also becomes concerns about handling a commercial complex such as shopping malls or public spaces where people gathers and socialized, with GGG you can to start brainstorm and implement the right solutions.

Followings are GGG technology solutions for application in specific areas; 

1. Vehicle Entrance/exit and Parking;

smart security is essential for entrance and parking areas, GGG can combine the use of Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) to automatically capture the vehicle ID and to be matched with driver identification (advanced) to trigger decision of automatic gates.

provision of UVSS to ensure proper security monitoring of entering vehicles.

when cars entered the areas, surveillance cameras could be used to analyze the movement and behavior of each car, this could be useful to track the car's reputation or to prevent undesired events before it occurs.

some parking spots could be secured too with the provision of *VVIP parking*, a GGG approach to automatically allow or deny cars to be parked in specific spots.

whereas parking counting becomes a standard in high-end property, GGG could implement *find my car* kiosk to ease visitors spotting where they parked in a large parking complex.

automated parking cost with integrated payments gateway.


2. Area managements.

where CCTV surveillance becomes normal provisions to secure the property complex, advanced features to add the security layers is the integration of face recognition (FR)  with access control systems.

security team could focus on coordination to secure the perimeter, an encrypted radio frequency communication devices are needed so no one could tap the conversation and get ahead of knowing what's going on.

Patrol management for routine checks has become essentials, the patrol results could be analyzed to understand the effectiveness of security measures in the areas. provision of radio mapping could be considered too.

Safety environment by the provision of healthy air monitoring and Fire alarm system integrated with the security system.

provision integrated *one-click order and digital payment systems for tenants.

Getting ahead of the news, building owners could utilize big data analytics in wide network area.


3. Command Center / Control Room

Innovative control room could simply revolutionize the way we understand the crowds and simply register suggestions for improvements, providing a dashboard that integrates functions of implemented solutions. following some possible outcomes;

a. Analyze the heat map where the crowd gathers in the specific corners of the areas.

b. 'Realtime' anticipation and crime prevention using A.I.

c. 'Realtime' squad monitoring and 'traceable' fire and heat methods in 2D / 3D virtual environments.

d. Optimal stream and monitoring surveillance.

e. optimal electricity cost-saving utilizing IoT dashboard and analysis.

f. Automated people counting and vehicle time-stamp.